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Four cans of sociable adults drinks minus the alcohol. 


One alcohol-free beer, G&T style can, Kombucha and a CBD spritz.  The Kombucha and CBD cans comes in a variety of flavours to choose from.



Dry Drinker Box

SKU: W-P-003
  • Bristol Beer Factory Clear Head Beer Can (0.5% ABV)

    BBF have combined two of the best US hops, Citra and Mosaic. Flavours of sharp citrus, apple and stone fruits shine through and to give this beer great body they added lactose for a subtle smooth creamy sweetness. Finishing with a crisp dryness on your palette, you wont miss a thing with this alcohol-free pint of beer.

    BBF X TALK CLUB COLLABORATION Thank you, buying this beer means you are helping to start real conversations & saving lives. How? Talk Club is a talking & listening movement, to help people get mentally fit, 5% of total Clear Head sales go directly to Talk Club. Creating a sustainable, positive, mental health community. This is a beer for good.


    Sea & T Alcohol Free Can (0% ABV)

    Sea Arch Coastal Juniper blend with a low calorie, lightly sparkling Indian tonic water. The Sea & T range is not only alcohol-free but also low in calories and free from sweeteners and preservative. Vgan. Gluten Free.


    Goodrays CBD Seltzer.  Choose from Elderflower & Yuzu, Passionfruit & Pomelo, Raspberry & Guava and Blood Orange & Grapefruit.  A smorgasbord of flavours with all the functional benefits of 30mg CBD and your daily dose of Vitamin D per serve. No artificial ingredients, no added sugar, only 33 calories and 100% vegan. Experience the Art of Relaxation.


    Third Party-Tested ✓ All-Natural ✓ Certified Safe ✓ 0% THC ✓ Produced locally ✓ Made by experts ✓ Salt: 0.0g ✓ Fully recyclable ✓


    Counter Culture Kombucha.  Choose from Blackcurrant & Star Anise, Rhubarb & Hibiscus Kombucha and Grapefruit & Hops.  Sparkling Light Kombucha made with organic teas and organic cane sugar. Low in calories and non-alcoholic. Store cold, serve chilled.


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