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The perfect sharing pack for beer lovers.


Lager, pale ale, cider, kettle sours and a gorgouse BIB (Bag-in-box) of red wine for when you are all beered out. 


A great choice for festival goers, all products are in light weight sharing formats such as mini-kegs, BIBs and cans.

Pack #1

SKU: W-P-001
  • Gun Brewrey Numb Angle Larger 4% abv 5ltr mini keg

    Super refreshing, low in bitterness and with a gentle malt body. A munich Helles style larger brewerd using Extra Pale, Cara and Munich malts for just a hint of maltiness. Unfined and Unfiltered


    Gulten free 


    Brick Brewrey Peckham Pale 4.5% abv 330ml can

    American Pale Ale with a ton of hop flavour, bold citrus and tropical fruit aroma.



    Long Man Brewrey Pale Ale 5.6%ABV 440ml can

    Has pineapple and lemon notes that gives a bold and juicy peach, grapefruit and stone fruit flavours while delivering a sliky and smooth mouth feel

    Contatins Water, Malted Barley, Malted oats, Malted Wheat, Hops and Yeast



    Silly Moo Cider 5% ABV 330ml can

    Dry Cider.  Contains Wilde yeast, lots of apples and some sunshine all crammed into beautiful can and is lightly sparkling.

    Gluten free



    Brick Brewrey Blood Orange and Amarillo Sour 5.7% abv 330ml can

    Dry-Hopped-Sour.  Vibrant & Juicy blood orange meets our house lactobacillus culture for a fruity sour beer that's heightened by the addition of Cascade & Amarillo hops. Expect flavours of orange & citrus with a prominent hop aroma and bitterness.



    Brick Brewrey Lime, Salt and Passion Fruit Sour 3.8% abv 330ml can

    Kettle Sour.  Inspired by the flavours of South America, this salted sour puts the punchy flavours of lime & passionfruit front and centre. Fermented with kveik yeast and our house lactobacillus culture for a tart, refreshing sour beer - perfect for sunshine-sipping.



    Valdibella - BIB Rosso 13.5% abv 3ltr BIB

    Nero d'Avola Bag-in-box 3 Litres (equivenlant to 4 bottles).   Sicily, Camporeale and Alcamo.  Notes of cherry, red fruits and a light, pleasant balsamic note. This is a warm and quite soft wine, acidity and tannin are present, but fine and overall very pleasant.


    Four Off The Wall half-pint festival cups

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