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A tasty selection of grown up non-alcoholic drinks.


All the taste and relaxation without the hangover. 


The Alcohol-Free Box

  • A probiotic apple cider vinegar containing live mother. Using a blend of 48 wild apple varieties gives Willy’s ACV its unique taste. Grown and produced at source in the UK, this organic raw apple cider vinegar contains live mother bacteria.  Enjoy a daily dose first thing in the morning or 30 minutes before meals. Take 25ml diluted in a smoothie, in warm water with lemon and honey or in other creative ways.


    Four Goodrays CBD Seltzer.  Elderflower & Yuzu, Passionfruit & Pomelo, Raspberry & Guava and Blood Orange & Grapefruit.  A smorgasbord of flavours with all the functional benefits of 30mg CBD and your daily dose of Vitamin D per serve. No artificial ingredients, no added sugar, only 33 calories and 100% vegan. Experience the Art of Relaxation.


    Third Party-Tested ✓ All-Natural ✓ Certified Safe ✓ 0% THC ✓ Produced locally ✓ Made by experts ✓ Salt: 0.0g ✓ Fully recyclable ✓


    Three Counter Culture Kombucha.  Blackcurrant & Star Anise, Rhubarb & Hibiscus Kombucha and Grapefruit & Hops.  Sparkling Light Kombucha made with organic teas and organic cane sugar. Low in calories and non-alcoholic. Store cold, serve chilled.

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