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The perfect gift for any beer lover. 


A selection of beers, ales and kettle sours from small UK breweries.


The Beer Box

  • Long Man Helles Lager 330ml bottle 4.6%

    A showcase of European hops: Perle, Tettnang, Saaz and Hersbrucker provide a rounded, light bitterness and floral character which complement the natural sweetness of this thirst-quenching Helles lager.


    Peckham Pilsner 330ml can 4.8% abv

    Pilsner Lager.  A crisp, clean and refreshing beer. Vegan and gluten free.


    Peckham Pale 330ml can 4.5% abv

    American Pale Ale with a ton of hop flavour, bold citrus and tropical fruit aroma.


    Lime, Salt and Passion Fruit Sour 330ml can 3.8%

    Kettle Sour.  Inspired by the flavours of South America, this salted sour puts the punchy flavours of lime & passionfruit front and centre. Fermented with kveik yeast and our house lactobacillus culture for a tart, refreshing sour beer - perfect for sunshine-sipping.


    Blood Orange and Amarillo Sour 330ml can 5.7%

    Dry-Hopped-Sour.  Vibrant & Juicy blood orange meets our house lactobacillus culture for a fruity sour beer that's heightened by the addition of Cascade & Amarillo hops. Expect flavours of orange & citrus with a prominent hop aroma and bitterness.


    Yuzu and Lychee Cream Sour 330ml can 3.5% abv

    Kettle Sour .  Balancing floral notes from lychee, tart citrus from yuzu, and a subtle sweetness from the addition of lactose and vanilla. This zippy sour beer is fermented with kveik yeast and our house lactobacillus blend for a unique and balanced sour.


    Peach & Apricot Sour 330ml can 3.5 abv

    Kettle Sour.  A juicy, fleshy sour beer brewed with the powerhouse combo of peach & apricot. Fermented with kveik yeast and our house lactobacillus blend, before conditioning on the fruit juice for a delicious, sessionable sour.


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