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Tap Wall Hire

With our self-serve system, your guests or customers can:

Select drink

Tap to pay




Personalise your event by advertising your own content.

The novelty of pulling your own pint never gets old, our self-service tap walls add an element of fun and excitement to any event. The screens above the taps are the perfect place to display advertising or content.

About Our System

  • Four individually calibrated taps
  • Two touch screens allowing two customers to serve themselves at a time
  • Payment options include RFID cards and credit or debit cards
  • Walls can be set up in 'free pour' mode for private parties and weddings
  • Compatible with most kegs and can serve beers, ales, wine, Prosecco and cocktails
  • Built in LED screens to display your content. Films, logos, slide shows or even playing a sports game, it's your creative space to fill

The walls are available to hire on a monthly basis or for one or two days private events. 

For prices and more information please get in touch. 

07360 537566

Video soundtrack credit: PYC Music

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