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Meet Off The Wall Drinks: Henry and Catherine's Self-Service Mission

A little introduction to the team behind the wacky walls of booze…

Henry and Catherine, the sibling duo behind Off The Wall Drinks, standing behind a bar. Henry, wearing a green shirt, is pouring a drink, while Catherine, in a green sweater, smiles and holds a bottle of Cointreau. Fairy lights decorate the background.

Off The Wall Drinks is run by brother and sister duo Henry and Catherine.  As you might have guessed, we both like a drink and despite being British we are not fans of queuing. Therefore, with the help of our inventor dad we set about designing some self-service tap walls, our mission was simple - to quench thirst quickly!

Having grown up on a farm we are both equally passionate about where our food and drink comes from and as such we mainly work with local suppliers and those who have sustainability as a core business principle.  A great source inspiration for us is that the farm provides our family pub with produce directly from the land.  It is this simple, local and sustainable approach that we have applied to the way in which we run Off The Wall Drinks.

Our sustainable and pioneering producers use modern tech and eco-friendly practices to bring you the best drinks, allowing you to have a good time without hurting the planet.

We don't sell anything we haven't tasted and that we don't love.

Our vision for the future is to drive innovation and sustainability within the drinks industry by creating affordable, self-service technology that can enable establishments to serve more drinks on taps, reduce waste, reduce staff costs and massively increase efficiency.

Much like James Bond, this small family business is looking to shake things up in the drinks industry.

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