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Weddings & Parties 

Looking for ways to personalise your wedding? 

Our tap walls are portable bars but they also allow you to display your own content, be it speeches, wedding art or old family films, it is your creative space to fill.  The walls can serve a variety of drinks including Craft Beer, Prosecco, Wine and Cocktails.  

Cocktail lover?

Our pop up bar gives you the facility to have drinks mixed to order.  This is a great option for cocktail lovers and those wishing to provide their guest with more choice.  We can also make alcohol-free versions of whatever cocktails you choose for your non drinking guests.


As well as our bars we can also provide you with all the drinks you need for your day. 


Whether you would like bottles of wine for the tables, mini-kegs or cans we can provide you with everything you need. 


For prices and more information please get in touch. 

07360 537566

What drinks do you require at your event?
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